If 100 players is too much for you to deal with in H1Z1, how about just 50? And would you like some respawns? That’s the headline feature for the battle royale game’s new expansion, Beyond Royale, dubbed the “largest game update in the history of H1Z1,” live today on PlayStation 4.

In addition to the new FFA Deathmatch mode, Season 3 of H1Z1 kicks off today, bringing with ranked leaderboards that let you track your stats and performance across all game modes. There’s also a new battle pass for the season, with 100 tiers of rewards to unlock, though you can skip some or all of those tiers by paying extra Crowns. You can also earn Crowns by leveling up your Battle Pass, and if you play enough, you can more than make up for its cost.

Other features in this expansion include: a Training Grounds area lets you practice your marksmanship with every weapon in the game; 50 days’ worth of rewards that you can accumulate just for logging in; revamped UI and lobbies; and new reward types, including nameplates, backgrounds, and character icons. Learn more about the Beyond Royale update on the H1Z1 site.

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