Halo Infinite’s Winter Update Will Add Match XP...Finally

The November 8 update will overhaul the game’s Battle Pass progression system.

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Halo Infinite Update

When Halo Infinite’s winter update arrives on November 8, it will make big changes to the game’s battle pass progression system. The update will introduce a free 30-tier battle pass as well as the beta version of Match XP. This will change both progression and available customization for not only those taking on the new battle pass but also those who haven’t completed seasons one and two, as well as any battle passes dropping in the future.

The Match XP system will reward players for playing in any mode, and tie their performance in those matches to their rewards. This means that following the update, the bulk of players’ XP will come from Match XP. That’s XP for completing matches and additional XP for performance in the match. The latter includes things like being on the winning team and end-of-match placement.

A result of these changes is that while completing challenges will still be a viable portion of the game, but they will not be the primary source of XP. Instead, they will be short-term goals that serve as a way to earn customization items. They’ll still provide XP, but not the bulk of it. For this reason, the devs are reducing the number of Challenges required to hit Ultimate Challenge by half.

Finally, the update will also change the Career Progression system. More information on that will be provided at a later date.

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