Reloaded Games is bringing the mech-based FPS Hawken to consoles. It was announced at E3 that the free-to-play online game, which allows players to battle it out using armed mechs, would be coming to both XBox One and PS4 “soon” — or as stated on the game’s websites, this summer.

Work began on console ports of the game around this time last year, with the first code for the PS4 port being hammered out in July of 2015. Now — just a bit over a year later — the ports have been through certification testing and are preparing to launch later this summer.

As part of their port process, Reloaded Games is working on making sure all platforms will be on the same version of the game at the same time, and that updates for all will roll out together.

A precise date for the console release has not been given at this time but should appear on the Play Hawken site.