Once 2018 arrives, Hawken will be gone — from PC that is. The developers of the free-to-play mech FPS announced the end of the game’s tenure on Steam — and thus PC — via Facebook earlier today.

Exact details on why the decision to remove the game from the platform after three years were not given. Instead, the developer just stated that the team wanted to “refocus [their] development efforts.”

The game will officially be removed from Steam on January 2, 2018. In addition, the company halted sales of all DLC and other purchaseable content as of today. No indication has been made that the game will be coming to an end on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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  1. It was a greatly made game but lacked power so it failed it should of been a more mmo game on a massive scale and would of made it for sure, team on team is very tough business plan.

  2. What? Robotic Drunken Fat Quake is shutting down!!?!? Seriously who the hell thought putting jump pads in game about big stompy robots was a good idea?

  3. Pay no mind to these people who are making up stuff on the internet media site.
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    1. World Of Warcraft
    2. Tera
    3. Final Fantasy XIV
    4. Team fortress 2
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    • Oh thanks for the info I was wondering what games to play next that is not low population or abandon by there developer who create the game.

  4. If you guys looking for games that have a good stable population. (Look no more)
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      • and Tera too…here’s why:
        – game has no KR servers [aka no future development]
        – NA servers merged
        – population still mega low [for example on steam it’s not even in top 100/ #100 has 1809 players]
        – game will close soon anyway

  5. I hope they the game going there barely that many sci-fi game left on the market. The genre of gaming is really hit hard this time.


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