Season 14 is up and running in MU Online. The game’s latest update introduces the new “Cubera Mines”, a 5th Grade Mastery armor item, and a 4th Grade Soul Weapon. It also increases the game’s level cap to 1,100.

To enter the Cubera Mines, players will need to be at least level 850. These mines are ancient but have been closed off for some time due to the number of dangerous creatures lurking in them. Now, players of the appropriate level will be able to hunt these creatures. For a limited time, players will receive a special item for hunting the monsters. This item, titled “Elemental Symbol,” needs to be acquired in sufficient quantity to be exchanged for an Elemental Box. While exploring the mines, players can also pick up Golden Crest items and use them to create Level 4 wings.

To celebrate the launch, Webzen is also hosting a few events. Since the update includes a level cap increase, players will be rewarded for hitting level 1,050 during a short period. To help players achieve this, Webzen will be increasing XP by 20% and reducing monster HP beginning September 17.

Full details on the events can be found on the Season 14 update page.

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