Trion Worlds will be unleashing Update 2.5: Bloodsong in the world of ArcheAge soon and more details will be revealed over the next few weeks but so far we do know that the new update will feature a brand new dungeon. Take 4 of your friends, teleport to Mistmerrow Central Tower, talk to Terrasus, and take the portal to the new Mistsong dungeon.

Once inside, you and your party will have a few choices to make. The first, and probably largest choice, is the actual path you’ll take through the dungeon. Take the more direct Breathswept Avenue route and you’ll get to Mistsong’s leadership bosses faster but you’ll have to face much stronger enemies to get there. In contrast, you could opt for the Whispering Street path. You’ll fight weaker enemies (they’ll be more of them on this longer path though) and you’ll have to deal with traps laid out to discourage trespassers.

Mistsong has multiple reward types (varying on difficulty as well) and 3 different bosses you can take out. Easy and Normal modes of the dungeon will be available when 2.5 launches and a Hard mode will be added later once players have some of the new gear the update will add. Check out the official announcement for all the info and to see when Trion will be streaming a sneak peek at the update.

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