Curse of Naxxramas had some nice gameplay, but what CCG gamers really want is new cards — lots and lots of new cards.

Blizzard hears and obeys. Yesterday, Hearthstone Senior Game Designer Mike Donais spilled the beans on the next release during the final episode of ChanManV’s Value Town, announcing that the game would receive a full expansion on the order of 100 cards. As for when you’ll get your virtual hands on these cards… well, there wasn’t even a soon(TM) to be had.

Obviously, extra effort goes into coding card effects, which is something physical card games don’t have to deal with. However, if this is the only additional product coming from Hearthstone in the near future, it means we’ll get around 130 new cards (including Naxx) in the first year of the game’s release. Compare that to Magic: The Gathering, which releases 500 to 600 new cards a year, and one has to wonder if Blizzard will need to pick up the pace a little with Hearthstone. Keeping player interest when you’re only putting out a hundred new cards every six months or so could be a tall order.


  1. Developers are really retarded. We do not want new cards. NAX cards made the game even worse. We want the game problems to be fixed. The game to be balanced. The concede to end the game when you press it, permanet squelch, turn off enenmy higlights etc.

    • You obviously know nothing about card games. Anyone who knows anything about how card games are balanced know that introducing new cards is the main and best way to balance TGCs. All the MMO casual trash that flock to this game like moths to a light think that every game is balanced the same. Nerf something because I suck dick and the general playerbase of most online games are complete and utter retards who complain at the first sight of a challenge.

  2. I hope they don’t spew cards out at the rate of a game like Magic… That many cards results in a meta that changes TOO fast. A smaller pool of cards a) makes it easier for more players to stay competitive without having to play the game obsessively or sink huge wads of cash to keep up with cards and b) offers more opportunity to focus on player skill than tricks in the metagame. Frankly, if they were adding 500-600 Hearthstone cards a year, I’d lose interest.

  3. The cards are so simple, it’s despicable that they are taking this much time to release anything.

    Same decks, same meta, but only one guy designing and programming cards… Pathetic.


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