Hearthstone Goldens

World of Warcraft subscriptions might be down, but Hearthstone, and Hearthstone profits, are up, and we might have found the guy responsible.

Redditor MattCauthron wants all the golden cards in the game, or at least the competitive ones he can build a all his decks around, and to do that, he’s dropping some serious cash. According to his post, he “bought 2100 packs while drunk” last night, racking up a price tag of $3,200 in the process. If you were wondering who those one-percenters are who spend like crazy in F2P games, you’ve found one.

For the moment, Matt’s got five golden legendaries for his efforts, though it’s tough to tell exactly how many packs he opened to get that far, since “I realized at my current rate it would be 5am before I finished opening them all and I did have work in the morning.” We hope it’s a well-paying job.

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  1. Do you guys even know what gold selling websites are? Now you’re surprised they showed it bluntly in your face? Kind of a little bit late, airheads. Lineage 2, Aion, Archeage, WoW… every single MMO out there has gold sellers, is the same thing in hearthstone but it’s just straight up from Blizzard it self. Amazing isn’t it? #bam.

  2. Hearthstone is boring and repetitive as a F2P game and way too expensive as a B2P game (costing hundreds of dollars to acquire every play-worthy card). However, the reason I don’t play HS is simply because it involves too much RNG.

  3. Lots of people getting fired up on this lol. Just because he decided to drop a ton of money to get what he enjoys faster, that doesn’t make the game P2W. Those who say that Hearthstone is a pay-to-win game either they don’t know how to play or they don’t play the game at all and are just haters.

    And this is coming from someone who has never spent any money on the game, yet I still have all the golden cards, including those from adventure mode (which don’t drop in any pack btw). I’m not trying to blow my own horn or anything, I was a noob too when I started playing Hearthstone but instead of calling the game P2W when I sucked and made mistakes, I learned from it and got better. Now getting legend every season not to mention tons of gold from arena when I feel like playing it. And no, golden cards and portraits don’t help you win more.

    There’s a lot of information about Hearthstone and how to become a better player on the internet. One of the best guides that I used and learned a lot from is Hearthstone Mastery. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/1H7nR8C

  4. The saying a fool and his money are easily parted springs instantly to mind…hope he dosent regret it.

    And holy hell damn near 3 million lost subs…wonder if this is factoring in the WoW token

  5. well that’s really say when u see some 1 spend that much money on a game to JUST beat every one he faces I did quit the game because of that and btw u coulda bought a car or feed atleast 1000 homeless person with that money dude , but guess what u cant buy your ticket to paradise .

  6. Wow, so now you are posting garbage from reddit? And is this supposed to be funny or cute? It is actually pathetic. Plus games like this should be illegal. You can literally spend as money as you have on it. Even at the casino there is a limit.
    Scamstone is a pathetic garbage rigged pay to win scam game. it is pathetic how most fantards of this game do not even know that Activision owns blizzard and this game.

      • That is right Anon, go about your life brainless. Derp it to the bank. I can probably sell you poop in a box if you don’t think about it. LoL, fail human

    • AGREED!

      Although you skip the details, the game is a huge scame and I did the inner mathematics. It is actually a brilliant scam. It caters well to low level (the first hooks) and is balanced and can stay balanced based on onl F2P server progression, but it mixes the crowds and population is a X variable that makes you feel successful, if just the key players that pay stay, you can not win ever as a F2P, but as more dopes enter, you can feed off them until they realize the scam. Total pyramid style scam magically based on population and other mathematical “makes you feel like a winner at first” crap. Problem here as well, unlike other games, cash invetsment will not last long, and you have to keep going up n up. The games community, in all my gaming life, is the most blind brainsless toxic I have ever seen. Makes LoL look like a compliment.

      • I highly disagree with both of you. Check out my post about how I never paid a single dime on this and I crafted my own desk from scratch. Since that post, i’m one crafted card away from a full entire paladin deck and its only purple, meaning 400 dust. I have 315 wins on Paladin alone. Because of these results, I now occasionally support Blizzard by buying a card pack or two at occasion. I also didn’t play arena till 1.5 months ago and now and that’s the same time-frame I started to buy packs I average 2-3 wins in arena, my max wins in arena was a straight 7. What got me a lot of gold is explained minor in the post but to keep it short. I focused on making one perfect deck with cards to swap out for a possible match to counter that hero, crafted, for FREE.

        • Waiting for an approved post because i advertise bombs site so ignore the other-ones and read this ^ one instead.

    • Dude, chill out, it isn’t that serious. He spent all of HIS money on the game. How is Hearthstone scamming him? Everything he did was of HIS OWN accord. None of the staff or employees of that game persuaded him to spend that much money. No one sat beside him and forced him to do that. He was drunk, and made a decision based on his intoxicated mindset. You call this garbage? You call another man’s decision garbage? You call a journalist’s decision to write about this garbage? Seems to me like you’re under an influence. One far more immense than our buddy MattCauthron.


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