Y’Shaarj may have been vanquished long ago, but his influence stretches into the modern-day World of Warcraft. Today, Blizzard revealed Y’Shaarj and some of his associated cards, as well as producing an informative lore video on the Old God that delves into his cataclysmic backstory.

The mightiest of the Old Gods, Y’Shaarj was ultimately defeated by the the Titans, though his death nearly destroyed Azeroth and convinced the Titans that they should imprison, not destroy, the other Old Gods. Pieces of his flesh spawned the sha of Pandaria, and thousands of years later, Garrosh Hellscream discovered Y’Shaarj’s heart and did some very bad things with it, forcing the Alliance and Horde to bring him down.

Hearthstone YShaarj card

In Hearthstone, Y’Shaarj looks to be the centerpiece of a “big minion” deck — that is, if you can get him into play in the first place. The Ancient Harbinger helps with that, or with any Old God-based strategy, while the third card revealed, Mark of Y’Shaarj, provides another weapon for beast druid decks.

What do you think of Y’Shaarj and his related cards? Will you try to work him into your decks?

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