If you think Blizzard hasn’t been making many Hearthstone cards with the “Enrage” keyword lately, you’re right. There are only nine such cards in the game, and just three of those have appeared in four years’ worth of expansions. It’s such an underused and difficult-to-design-for keyword that Blizzard will soon be doing away with it entirely.

But don’t fret, Angry Chicken lovers! The effects will still be the same, only spelled out in full on cards that feature it. As designer Peter Whalen explains, Hearthstone minions tend not to last too long, so it’s hard for them to really make use of Enrage effects. It’s also got a short enough description that the abbreviation offered by a keyword doesn’t really do much to clarify its purpose.

Whalen doesn’t give any time frame for when the keyword will be removed, but we’d imagine it will happen when the next expansion, The Witchwood, goes live


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