The last Hearthstone expansion visited the classic theme of dungeon-running. The next expansion, announced today, takes players into the prototypical spoooky — yes, with three o’s — forest, with new keywords, a new PvE mode, and, as always, a bunch of new cards.

The Witchwood is the first set in the Year of the Raven, and its primary feature seems to be the “Monster Hunt,” a PvE mode similar to Kobolds & Catacombs’ Dungeon Runs. You’ll choose one of four new heroes and take on a series of eight bosses in the Witchwood. After each encounter, you’ll be able to select new cards and/or abilities to add to your deck.

The expansion also features a pair of new keywords — well, one new keyword and one downgraded version of an old keyword. A card with Echo generates a new copy of itself in your hand when played; that copy disappears at the end of your turn, but until then, you can effectively play as many copies as you want, as long as you have the mana. The other keyword, Rush, is basically Charge with the limitation that it a minion with it can’t attack heroes on the turn it’s summoned.

Half a dozen of the 130 cards from the set have already been revealed, including three neutral legendary minions. Two of those have the “Start of Game” keyword, which, in these cases, provide effects if your deck has only even- or odd-costed cards.

As usual, you can pre-purchase a bundle of 50 packs for $49.99. While there’s no word on when the expansion will be released, based on previous expansions, we’d guess The Witchwood will be out in early April.

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