The bad guys stole the spotlight — and a lot more — in Hearthstone‘s last expansion, Rise of Shadows, and now it’s time for the good guys to strike back. Hearthstone’s next expansion, Saviors of Uldum, was just revealed today, and sees the League of Explorers return, with the “oh-so-simple task of saving the world” from the deserts of Uldum.

The expansion will add 135 new cards to Hearthstone, as well as a new keyword, Reborn. For minions with this keyword, “death is more of a suggestion” and they’ll return to life with one health the first time they’re killed. A new subset of cards, Plagues, will have wide-ranging effects on all minions.

Quests return for the first time since their introduction in Journey to Un’Goro. The two quests previewed so far aren’t quite as mighty and game-changing as previous quests, instead having significant effects on your character’s hero powers. If you log in during the first 90 days of the expansion’s launch, you’ll receive a random quest for free.

As is typical with upcoming Hearthstone expansions, Blizzard has deals in place to let you pre-purchase packs. You can get the 80-pack Mega Bundle for $79.99 or the basic 50-pack bundle for $49.99.

Saviors of Uldum launches on Aug. 6, with a pre-release event planned for Aug. 2-5. A solo adventure will follow in September. Learn more about the upcoming expansion on the Hearthstone site.

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