German development studio ACONY, based in Villingen-Schwenningen in the heart of Baden-Wurttemberg, is very excited to announce that the closed beta for their highly anticipated free to play FPS Hedone is about to begin! On August 24th,gamers around the world will be able to get their first look at the game as servers open for selected beta testers.

In preparation for this event the official Hedone website will be live from August 15th. Players can apply for the beta, learn more about the game and sign up for the newsletter. To assist the new beta community and to make sure that their feedback helps the dev team, ACONY has recently welcomed Chris ‘Ulric’ Dye to the company in the role of Community Manager. Chris has many years of experience in working with game communities, most recently at Realtime Worlds where he was responsible for the APB beta.

Hedone was developed by FPS enthusiasts with the vision of offering a product displaying all the quality of a full-price title free of charge. For more information and screenshots visit


  1. saying that theyre not similar just because one is a TPS and one is a FPS is absurd. either you guys are faking it or blind. the graphics are a complete copy, both branch off from GTA, the plot is similar, the trailer looks like a major copiage.

  2. This game was in development before brink was released if im not wrong[not really sure]
    This game is supposed to be an upgrade to the game “Parabellum” which was released in 2009 or 2008.
    I want a key so bad that I registerd 4 emails in the request for the beta testing xD

  3. i went to the website and they aren’t trying to copy apb at ALL
    phellon i CAN’T argue with ur statement
    it looks like brink

  4. Firt of all the game looks like brink, imo.
    Zenyth what a fail MAN, Hedone is a FPS so it has nothing to do with APB, the only thing I saw of partnership has been the customization,
    And if you had seen the trailer you had noticed that is a FPS.
    The game looks like it will be fun, I hope to bring change and innovation in the FPS genre.

  5. Don’t you guys know? If one game copies ANYTHING from another game, it’s clearly a clone.

    No but seriously, the game looks pretty fun.

  6. omg stop saying this is apb its not supposed to be its a game where everyone knows you and you battle others just for the thrill of it

  7. 1st oppinion
    unsuccesful copy of the almighty and undeadly APB:R
    which was normal bcuz that guy was part of the APB staff , prolly he tried to do smth better but he failed , i havent seen better graphics , cars or a huge world as apb’s districts
    apb won’t die soon , thats for sure

    • EPIC FAIL fella! This is a FPS while APB: R or APB is TPS + APB is more like GTA, not like that. Hedone hasn’t even vehicles, so wtf are you talking about???

          • what I don’t get is why do people think a game is a rip-off of an other game when they see something similar, if that was the case then every game would be a rip-off from pac-man (or something even before it) because they all use pixel. at one point there’s a limit to the different system and story you can make without having something look a little like an other game. example: there’s an empire in almost every online game, the only think that change is the name before or after Empire.

    • I don’t think you have much seance do you? Hedone is not a copy of ABP by any means Hedone is a fps while ABP is a tps also APB is not almighty it was a dying game that was saved by becoming free to play. Also if you was going my pictures of both games on your little theory then your opinion is very flawed and stop making them until you are able to get some facts and then make your opinions other wise there is not much hope for you.


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