Just because a game just released doesn’t mean it can’t jump on the holiday event bandwagon. Trion Worlds is doing exactly that in Devilian Online as the “Hell Freeze” has come to the free-to-play ARPG/MMO. Twinkling Stars have fallen all over the world but, of course, monsters have hoarded them all…particularly dungeon bosses.

Players have been tasked with gathering up these stars between now and January 6th. Doing so will net you some serious rewards from Monica, the NPC helping you to save the Solstice celebration, located in Asperon. What can you win? Well, items such as the stylish Winter Hat, Snowman Helm, Talisman Boxes, and other in-game rewards are yours for the taking if you farm up enough stars.

Check out what players have to say about the event on the Devilian forums.

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  1. devilr on December 18, 2015

    To be honest the game is good,but they server are real shit ,crashing all time …realease the game was not a good idea right now,sometimes u cant even use your items in invetory,its crash with weird bug,i really do love this game but right now they should put it back to beta !

    • Gahen on December 19, 2015

      That’s so much like Trion. The exact same problem happened with Archeage and Trove, nice looking game with extreme crap servers at the start (though later the games revealed to be bad as well).

  2. hater on December 18, 2015

    No news about Seadrfit EU server fuckup?

  3. carlos on December 18, 2015

    why i cant play this shiit

    • ... on December 18, 2015

      Because you call it shit

      • Merkadis on December 18, 2015

        Nah, because it’s shit obviously.
        Don’t waste your time on this thing and play path of exile for example.