It’s baaaaack. Hellgate: London, the ARPG that simply refuses to die, is returning once again. On November 15, the game is being revived on Steam. The returning game offers a single-play environment using the latest version of the Hellgate: Tokyo service.

Based on what can be seen on the game’s Steam page, some are speculating that this particular release might be a single-player version. Honestly, it kind of makes sense, when I played Hellgate back when it first launched, I primarily treated it as a single-player game. It just works that way.

Of course, if it is a single player game, that might mean there will be a purchase price when it launches. We’ll just have to wait a bit and see.

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  1. I still have the original dvd release (still have the discs so not a cracked version) installed yet on my PC still play it here n there. Though was worthy release, but rushed game in its time. Shame EA had to shove a big stick up flagship studios bum with it’s development, could have been better than it was. That’s EA for ya though, they don’t screw just there player base over, they also screw devs over to lol.

  2. That might play out ok if its single player.
    A lot of these map loading games are obvious candidates for single player games over multiplay.


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