So where to begin? TERA, the free-to-play MMORPG from En Masse Entertainment, has partnered up with Sanrio to bring a collection of Hello Kitty themed items to the cash shop in TERA. These special lockboxes contain semi-enigmatic scrolls but also have a chance of containing specifically colored Hello Kitty clothing items.

A more expensive Hello Kitty lockbox could score you the official backpack or even the headband. Yep, just imagine your badass character dicing up some BAMs while sporting some official Hello Kitty gear.

It’s kind of a weird cross over promotion, but who am I to argue with a pop culture icon?


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  1. New expansion Tera The Pedophiles Tyrants šŸ˜€ all exclusive new items for Erin plus new class for erin new map full of little kids šŸ˜€

  2. glad that i stoped playng in time…. and thinking that the toy car mount was a mistake that they will never repeat … yeah when somone ussed to tell me that TERA is played by gays pedo and anime weardos….. i used to defend the game…. now?…….. its a game for “special” ppl :)) special in a bad way.

  3. All lock boxes, too. That’s frustrating. Plus, Amani females don’t get costumes at all, only accessories. Sigh. Feel sorry for anyone hoping to get the Elin exclusive outfit at the elevated price.


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