The title might be a bit of a joke, but the US Navy is actually running a week-long online game as a crowdsourcing project designed to help them address singularity. This browser-based game will have players contributing ideas and interacting with other players to come up with solutions to the issue.

According to Dr. Eric Gulovsen, the director of technology at ONR, technology has advanced to the point that we can’t see what’s next. Since the problem is so broad, they’re looking for people of all types to help with the project.

The game will run for a week starting on March 27. Those wanting to help with the project can sign up on the Maritime Singularity MMOwgli site.

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  1. what bunch off bullshit!!… donts waist ur brine on this video omfg give back 10min of my life…
    this shit is just as true as DONALD TRUMP wuld be sane minded

  2. The whole thing sounds like a joke, not just the title. People in the West are beginning to see “broad problems” everywhere because they’ve forgotten what it’s like when your everyday life is survival… -_-

    • People in the west act like your weird when you don’t got an electronic device and perfer doing it manually without technology trust me I tried. But yeah not everything has to be done with technology some things that are being built in the west with technology shouldn’t even exist I’m seeing electronic talking toys that can connect to the internet,and loads of other junk that used to be just toys 10 years ago. But yeah I 100% agree the people in the west forgot what it’s like to survive without technology.

  3. It’s the peoples fault if skynet happens for building self driving cars and forcing digital assistance’s like cortana or SIRI or amazon echo and other ones I haven’t mentioned but these were the three major ones I do know down our throats even though we don’t want them or have no use for a digital assistance I know I don’t and would turn off cortana if I can but microsoft thinks I need a digital assistant even though I don’t. I’ve also seen computers in cars and computers at gas pumps and computers in places where they don’t even need to exist and are very unnecessary and annoying for me and I’m sure they are annoying for other people to but one of my biggest concerns is a television airing live tv or a computer at a gas pump so you can watch tv or play pandora radio or do apps while you pump gas? If the US navy want’s to fight skynet they would try to convince society to stop doing idiotic things like putting electronics on a gas pump because all your supose to do is go there put gas in your car go in unless your paying at the pump with a credit card then go on with your day. But I actually might sign up I dislike browser games but this article is interesting.

    • Actually scratch that self driving cars aren’t bad but if they force them on people and take away the steering wheel then it will be bad because I want the option to drive with a steering wheel and I’m sure alot of people feel the same. But self driving cars are ok just don’t take away the manual driving cars I’ll leave it at that.


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