With the release of patch 10.2, The Repopulation‘s developer, Idea Fabrik, is looking for player feedback. Since the developer is continuing its work on the game world and its systems, they’ve decided to ask players their opinions on how they use the game currently — what they like about it, and what they don’t.

The team plans on doing a series of surveys. Currently they’ve posted two on the new survey page. The first survey will ask about individual play style while the other wants players’ opinions on the world environment. At a later time, surveys on PvP gameplay, skill gain rate, and more will be posted. Players can also suggest surveys they feel might help with further development.

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  1. At this point in time.. This game is really just considered dead. They didn’t have a strong sense of direction and it seemed to many people had different ideas all at once instead of just staying with one solid one that might have made this game go.. Was it F2Pmmo material ? No, They where trying to hard to go a route that made it feel more like Anarchy Online there would be no room for them to allow this game to ever go f2p even if it had a chance at this point which it doesn’t.

  2. I was fairly excited the first time, during the lead up to release. But after the hassle and it being abandoned, I’ve lost interest. Same goes for most MMORPGs, to be honest. Taking a long break from them. Perhaps a few years.


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