Hero Zero Easter

Feeling heroic this Easter weekend? Then Playata and European Games Group’s Hero Zero has just what you need! The browser-based free-to-play game has a bunch of new items to celebrate the season, as well as an event asking players to assist the Easter Bunny himself … herself … itself … and now I’m wondering if the Easter Bunny’s gender has ever been officially verified. It’s that kind of day.

Heroes are tasked with helping the Easter Bunny complete some “tricky tasks,” and there’s a nefarious thief stealing eggs from the children, who he’s trying to scare with frogs. If that’s not enough excitement, the city of Humphreydale needs help to catch arsonists and there’s “an extremely pushy apple supplier wants to sell Egg-phones.” What is it about the holidays that bring out all the wackos in video games?

You can check out all the festivities via the Hero Zero website, Facebook page, App Store, or Google PlayStore.


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