Heroes and Generals Enters Open Beta

Heroes & Generals 8

In the old days when Call of Duty sequels were still “new”, game developers seemed to be infatuated with the idea of developing shooters set in World War I and II. Since then their desire to develop during historical time periods has seemingly faded and we’ve seen shooters progress towards modern day confrontations and into the future. However, with the release of Heroes and Generals into Open Beta there is arguably a marked return in interest towards venturing back to the war torn fields of Europe.

Heroes and Generals aims to be more then just your typical CoD clone. In fact the game has more in common with the massive MMOFPS Planetside then it does with any lobby based shooter. Players have the opportunity to engage in a variety of battles, fighting in trenches, flying planes, commanding tanks and even using bicycles at times to traverse the game’s large maps. On top of all of this, the game adds another layer of tactical depth by allowing players to assume the ‘Generals’ role. These generals oversee the game from a tactical map completely outside of the normal FPS experience, allowing them to move reinforcement units to areas where players are currently engaged in battle. A reinforced area in battle can be granted extra lives, vehicles and other vital supplies necessary in order to turn the tide.

The Generals role is so important that Reto-Moto has even developed an iOS and Android app called Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command, which allows a player to stay up to date on important developments and move reinforcements on the go. One can only imagine how many will use this app in the bathroom.

You can try the game out for yourself by visiting the official site here.


  1. i love action styled mmorpgs, check out the newley released age of wushu, the free battle system is exactly what i mean, a game without level and class, only thousands of skills to work for.

  2. I can’t believe why there’s no ideal games coming out. I like a new game called Age of Wushu, something like a fancy and real action Kung Fu movie. It’s the innovative combat system made the game.

  3. Cacalips – aka “Nanbo” ingame;
    Did you just copy/paste your thread from ingame forums to here as you didnt like the response you got on the forums?

    This is in testing phase, so if you want to come & help HnG be made in to a good, bug free game come along & find these bugs & report them. The more the merrier. If you want to complain it is not a fully fledged & ready to release game, you should move on

  4. He probado el juego y debo decir que es lo peor que he visto en FPS, es aburrido y como ha comentado alguno lo único que haces es caminar y coger bicicletas, no tiene ambiente de guerra para nada.No entiendo como pueden haberlo hecho tan mal.

  5. Probably one of my top new favorite online FPS. But wowww The OB is horribleeeeee!
    Bugs and Generals!
    The bugs are just wayyy out of control. Half the time I am not sure if I got hacked and or just a bug and or bad game design.
    Some examples (out of the hundreds I had today): I get out of a tank, I die, cause of death: ME.
    I get out of tank the same way..I live…teh hell

    I am capping “B”, I get a huge explosion and flew 2 stories in the air…cause of death? There is none, no one got the kill, and it did not register as a death but I am dead and have to walk all the way back.

    I am full speed on a bike in the forest..Get a tank shell pin point spot on my head. The only active enemy tank is two cities away. This game, if you play you know what I am saying, does not favor accurate bullet placement. It keeps that WW2 innacurate arm combat. So how is this tank doing the impossible???

    All that said, after crawling on your belly for 20min hoping your not picked off or haked or bugged, and you get a kill…it feels great! LOL

    • Interface bugs, map bugs, chat bugs, spawn bugs, graphics clipping bugs, bugs of bugs. Basic FPS elements just buggedddd. Get in now to farm coinage, so you are rich when they update to a better version.

  6. This game at the cb was really horrible for me all i ever did in that game is walk and walk and walk so i can eventually get sniped from someone or get killed by some camper idk how good this game is but i wont say it bad cause i had a bad experience with it anyways if u think u like it then try it but i aint playing it cause of the really bad experience i had in it

    • Sadly, that’s pretty authentic combat.. Not so much run and gun, but being very careful how and where you step or catch a bullet to the face..

      I feel like they really captured the idea of a “casualty” something Planetside 2 lacks and is why battles seem so pointless and zerg minded there, as opposed to the care and strategy present in this game where if you run out and get shot carelessly you actually are taking lives away from your team meaning less “men” to respawn as and lower chance of victory..

      Pretty legit..

  7. I played it also, but the browser based UI was not meant for 4:3 monitors, everything is cluttered and hard to click on. It’s also a game that’s very hard to pick up. I call this “Blacklight syndrome” where your newbie times are spent dying for the sake of in game currency and rankings until the systems are figured out. Also, play with friends! Might be easier if you have friends watching your back on the battlefield.

  8. I played this game during the CBT , it was unbelievably lagy, barely played to be honest.
    But the graphics, the maps, the vehicles (including bicycles!) are just pure epic.

  9. I love the bicycle at the end, that’s kind of a jack-ass moment, “hi my name is Stevo, and this is calling shotgun on the bitch seat” *fires shot gun while riding on the back fender of bicycle, and throws the bike sideways”


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