Heroes Generals Seven Million

Reto-Moto has announced that seven million players, from 173 countries, have downloaded and played its free-to-play World War II MMO Heroes & Generals. That’s over twice as many countries that participated in the actual war, and the number of players is about equal to the population of Australia at the time of the war’s outbreak.

To commemorate the big milestone, Reto-Moto is giving out three days’ worth of veteran membership to all players. Just redeem the voucher SEVEN by Monday, Feb. 15 at 11:07 Pacific Time (corresponding to 7:07 Central European Time on Tuesday) and you’ll get +25% credits, +75% Warfunds, +100% rank XP, +25% ribbon XP, and one extra equippable combat badge during your three days. It’s a great way to spend President’s Day weekend here in the US, so get out there and win one for the good ol’ red, white, and blue!

Unless you’re playing a German or Soviet soldier, of course.

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  1. hey curst why you so dumb bro? its not an opinion to say the games riddled with cheaters when its unanimous. its also impossible to say its the most cheater free mmofps. you saying that is like trying to cover up that you cheat and hate when word gets around. cuz that means you cant get into games more often and one shot folks. play somethin else. quit nutt huggin.

  2. Garbage game, was good for a month, hax, sh1tty community, graphics suck lol, bikes really? I hope anyone who still plays this gets cancer and ruins their familys christmas

  3. Can be good but its shi t , u need to pay alot there and this game is for snipers only, u not efficcient if u not play sniper and u are dead meat also, thers crowds of snipers, conclusion poop web game, bad ballance and pay to win killed all fun

  4. Played a bit today, i gotta say they did work on it since i last played. It’s better optimized, better animations and gameplay also feels a bit better, especially the way weapons work.

  5. Well i like that they are honest and say its only registered players. I played this from time to time over the years and i always thought it was pretty good but i also wondered why they keep updating it instead of making a new game, its fun and all but theres a lot wrong with it. Still its one of the better f2p shooters. Also ive never noticed a lot of cheaters, idk how it is now.

  6. I’m one of the many registered players that is no longer playing.So i’m one of those numbers & I think that’s how the numbers start to roll, I registered at the start the game birth it wasn’t good enough then, it may of improved slightly, its name is the attraction to try it. that’s about it. Its kind of wrong to announce numbers like this when they aren’t real inside game player accounts for the now, its about for the accumulated. Which is false & a bit daft to announce. This is an old wow trick. to encourage more people to follow the piper and add to its registry count.

  7. I wonder how many that have registered still play this cheater ridden crap mmofps. Sure you can count downloads, but the number of active players is what speaks the loudest in a case like this.

        • I can say the same thing about you. Now the only question is whether people are going to believe me or the haters. Of course it’s gonna be the latter.

          • Don’t go full retard.
            The games been known to be hacked and “chaeated” so bad the team had to react to “give the F2P new players better guns” and they favored the hard paying German side, so they let them have OP stuff and just recently admited to it and added more power to the US side and gave them a little perks. Either you play an are ignorant to facts (fan boi) or you trollin (or full retard)

          • Go on, present some more made up facts to support your undoubtedly just and honorable cause. This site needs more hate, more namecalling, more shocking revelations. Tell us everything. About developer conspiracies, pay to win scams in games where you can’t buy power, cheaters in games with next to no cheaters, retards (aka those who dare to say something you don’t agree with), trolls (aka those who dare to say something you don’t agree with), fanboys (apparently, not being a hater automatically makes you one), everything. THE WORLD MUST KNOW.

      • I’ve played quite a few f2p mmofps including this one. I know when people are cheating and I can say without a doubt this mmofps definitely has a cheater problem atm.


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