Hitting that 10 million player milestone is quite the achievement for any online game. Today Reto-Moto is celebrating that mark for Heroes & Generals, which now has eight figures’ worth of players fighting in its World War II battles. Not all at one time, of course; that would make the servers fail harder than the Maginot Line.

To celebrate, Reto-Moto is running an event over the next 10 days to give away a million credits to 10 lucky players. Each time you complete one of 10 tasks, you’ll get an entry in a drawing to win one million credits. You can see all the different categories on the Heroes & Generals website.

In the future, Reto-Moto plans to be more aggressive with its update schedule. According to Game Director Jacob Andersen:

“2017 will be an exciting year for Heroes & Generals with more frequent updates. We will continue to add new planes, vehicles and equipment to the game, and there will be a number of new maps available later in the year.”

You can learn more about the game’s future plans in last week’s devstream video, posted above. In the meantime, congratulations to Reto-Moto and Heroes & Generals!

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  1. the game is pretty good for a f2p shooter, but my problem with it is that it barely changed in the last 5 years and i cant imagine why they didnt just start working on an new game a long time ago. they keep releasing updates but at its core it still feels like a clunky indie game, a good indie game but still, if they take what they learned they could market a sequel very well. Maybe some of the original core devs left and now its just getting maintained and milked by newcomers?

    • Because you don’t gain anything by releasing a sequel for an online-only game (otherwise we would have seen WoW 13 by now). Besides, the game have changed plenty, more than most games change in sequels.
      P.S. And if you think that this one is clunky, rest assured the sequel would have been just as clunky (if not more) for the first couple of years.

  2. Just another pathetic PR trick.
    This game has 5,411 people playing 24 minutes ago with a peak of 9,410 in the last month.

    Also in the last month it has lost 12.19% of it player base.

    How do I know all this? Just go to steam charts and check the stats your self for this and other games.

    So to say this game has 10 mil players is a complete lie. Where is the proof for that, what source is used for it?

    I doubt it even has 10 mil free accounts. Same goes for all other games using that PR trick to make people believe how the game is popular. Same thing they do with twitch with boots boosting streams.

  3. I stopped playing this game after unlock the Recon class. “Why?” would you ask. Simple: you can’t play as sniper because if your K/D ratio is not good enough, you’ll be killed by your teammates, even if your doing damage to enemies, assisting in kills. It’s a shame, because Recon is the hardest class to unlock and you need to grind a lot of exp to level up ribbons and weapons.

  4. I heard this game has terrible customer service and that they ban F2P players simply for not having bought anything over a period of time. Check steam reviews before u decide to play this game.

    • They ban people mainly for three reasons:
      1) cheating;
      2) farming experience through non-combat actions like circling around in a car or shooting in the air somewhere far from combat (because it’s very disruptive for those who came to actually play);
      3) offensive language / character name (extreme cases only).

      Super-heavy grind and vertical progression, poor balance, primitive physics and damage model, horrible plane controls are all legit complaints. Unwarranted bans are not. Steam reviews are full of offenders trying to get back at the devs for catching them. And the worst part is that lots of people believe them, because it takes courage to take off the tinfoil hat. The world is too scary without it.


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