Friends who kill together, advance together. That seems to be the motto behind the new Hallowes update for Heroes & Generals, which is subtitled “XP For Friends” and rewards players for working together as a team.

You’ll now get XP for assisting in kills, protecting your team’s tanks, and for your allies using your vehicle’s weapons to make kills. The update also tweaks respawn points and adds more health packs and — most importantly! — more bicycles. *ringring*

Most importantly, if you previously played the game via your browser, that will no longer be possible, as Reto-Moto is going to a full client download model, which you can still get via Steam or the Heroes & Generals site. Reto-Moto cited simplification of development and changes being made to Chrome and Firefox that make browsers “no longer a suitable platform for a high end game experience.”

You can read the high-level overview of the Hallowes update here and the full patch notes for the Hallowes update here.

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  1. browser isn’t really for games of this caliber. They should have gone that route at the start.. but considering they had to get start on the game’s popularity is understandable which was a success.

  2. I don’t blame them for abandoning the browser. Yeah some people obviously like the browser but the browser limits the games functionality and if the developer want’s to take the game to it’s full intent they need to goto a download client. So I support the developers for abandoning the browser.


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