Heroes & Generals’ next update, codenamed Vasilevsky, doesn’t introduce any major new elements to the game, but is rather a quality-of-life update, improving performance and tweaking recently introduced gameplay elements.

The new Forward Airfield map, introduced in the last update, gets a few revisions based on data analysis and user feedback, and melee mechanics have received another pass, making it easier to silently whack your enemies in the back of the head. But what good is your game if it’s not pretty? Or if it’s pretty but runs poorly? As stated in the video, Reto-Moto has “plowed through the visual effects library,” making several changes to explosions to improve performance and visual feedback for players.

For the strategy game, assault teams now have a morale score, which decreases every time the team goes into combat, and new badges for generals. You can read the full update notes on the Heroes & Generals forums.

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  1. They completely killed the game with this, saying after more than 1400 hours on it. It looks like a scam company, making cosmetical changes and draining the money. They are bad designers, selfish, dont listen to the community at all. At peak time it has maybe 8-10.000 players, most of them dont stay, just come and go.

  2. update how much u want idiots… no one will play this torture to win game.
    1) u need 1 year to buy weapon that u want + 1 year for 1 upgrade (trigger or barrel)
    2) u need to “reip” your “ess” before u will unlock tank or plane (if its possible, im not sure)
    3) main menu sucks! i’d better solve high level math crap then understand this menu
    4) will u play this crap?

    • AGreed. And it was not like this before. It came with a DERP update at OB. IWish they just shut it down as it is downhill from here on out. These things, historically, NEVER get better before they get worse; Literally, no game pulls it self once the chefs in the kitchen ruin the rcepie.

    • Right now it’s 43rd most played game on Steam. It has more players than CoD. “No one will play this game”, right. … You must have been solving too much high level math crap in your life.


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