Time is almost up! The Heroes of Newerth Custom Maps Challenge is coming to a close! The fans have voted and the final four submissions are now on the chopping block!

First up we have Kawaiii’s 5v5 Capture the Flag/King of the Hill Hybrid where the first team to 3000 points wins!

Next is HyperXewl’s “Newerth Defense” map. This mode places Summoners in a “creation” role where they can build creeps to do their bidding as each wave pushes for victory.

VoodooPants’ submission (and probably my personal favorite) is “Dungeon Chasers.” This 5 vs 1 map limits player vision but promises riches and treasures and has a DM/D&D kind of feel to it.

Last but not least, Ranadil and Sirwayne submit their “building” twist in a map called “CastleFight.”

The winner will have their map added to the game in 2015 and all of the final four will take home part of the $10,000 prize when the winners are announced on November 19th! You can check out the entire tournament so far on the event’s homepage.

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    • Majority of people still playing WC3 or SC2 online are playing custom maps, and the moba formula itself came from such maps in SC1.

      It will help the longevity of the game not hurt it. Not everyone is owned by a giant Chinese company that will sink money into advertising and tournament prizes in order engineer a success story.


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