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A balance update aimed at making Tracer just a tad less overpowered will be hitting Heroes of the Storm, Wednesday May 4th. According to the developers, the character has been doing far too well in every area and required a few changes. They’re lowering her health and attack damage and increasing the cooldown on one of her abilities.

Included in the changes are a variety of bonus increases, a nearly 70 point health decrease, and a .25 health regeneration decrease.

  • Health decreased from 1270 (+4% per level) to 1206 (+4% per level).
  • Health Regeneration decreased from 5.25 (+4% per level) to approximately 5.02 (+4% per level) Health per second.
  • Basic Attack damage reduced from 29 (+4% per level) to 27 (+4% per level).
  • Focus Fire (Talent)
    • Final shot damage bonus increased from 30% to 35% of the total magazine’s damage.
  • Locked and Loaded (Talent)
    • Damage bonus increased from 35% to 40%.
  • Melee (W)
    • Pulse Strike (Talent)
      • Pulse Bomb charge bonus increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Recall (E)
    • Cooldown increased from 24 to 26 seconds.
    • Slipstream (Talent)
      • Cooldown reduction decreased from 4 to 2 seconds.

More information on the update is available on Battle.net.

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  1. Was obvious. P2W exposed through preordering a game which most people didn’t even want in the first place and haven’t even bothered playing since they purchased it. Truth be told that the only people who have fun with this game is paying customers. None of them believed Tracer was overpowered.

    • I would love to see how your pulling p2w out of this, in fact its not really pay 2 win, there are plenty of champions in Hots that can counter that one, l2p before calling it p2w.

      • Then let me explain it to you. First off I’m going to say that Tracer was overpowered. Her survivability was Godlike, her DPS was heavy, she was statistically top in ALL leagues, and was the most banned hero in ranked. Her counters were minimal. This is the truth by statistics in various of areas, not by your or others, inaccurate opinions.

        Next, Tracer was at one point only available through preordering. Let me go a little further and explain that it wasn’t just a basic preorder which you could have received her, but actually the “Collector’s Edition” preorder which obviously costs more money. Explain how none of this is considered P2W?

        This isn’t the only occasion where they released new heroes who were statistically overpowered. Li-ming and Xul were some others. Their trend goes like this: release a hero for 15k gold, nerf the overpowered hero, and then release it for 10k. It keeps free-to-play customers behind. Watching both my friends who pay for free and who pay for the game, the ones who pay have a higher MMR because they ALWAYS get those overpowered heroes first before they’re nerfed.

        • You complain about the game yet you seem to play it seems legit also you need to do some research about what really is P2W


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