At Blizzcon, Blizzard announced a few new Heroes and Battlegrounds for their free-to-play MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. While it was mainly concept art that was released at that time, Blizzard has since released 6 new videos detailing each new battleground and some of the “quirks” in each map.

Each map features a varying number of lanes and some new mechanics to mess around with. Whether it’s the underground mines added to the “Haunted Mines” battleground or the ability to control a Garden Terror in the “Garden of Terror” battleground, you’re sure to find something unusual to change up some of the standard game play.

Take a look at each battleground and let me know which one you’re looking forward to the most!

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  1. Lokos on November 15, 2014

    the game is a joke. bli$$ard / activision = worst company ever

  2. Mamson on November 13, 2014

    best moba ever!!!!

    • Lokos on November 15, 2014

      you retarded or what?

  3. top kek on November 13, 2014

    Only sky temple map is new, all other maps were available for aplha testers for a long time. Get your facts straight mmobomb.

  4. Zhao Yun on November 12, 2014

    Other than the Haunted Mines map i feel like every other map feels the same gameplay wise.Overall though i like how blizzard added mutliple tasks possible in the map so its not just “kill the enemy stronghold” kinda deal but its like “u can do this u can do that or that or that”