Gameforge and HEX Entertainment are opening up their MMO/TCG genre blend to a much bigger audience. The free-to-play game has moved to a public beta and all you have to do to play is sign up. Currently, the PvP content is already available as are a number of AI opponent battles, but the PvE portion of the title (the part I have been the most curious about myself) is still a bit of a mystery and is not included.

HEX currently offers a roster of 350 different cards and will soon be adding a new set that will bring the total to over 500 cards.

Cory Jones, Head of Development and CEO of HEX Entertainment had this to say when the public beta announcement was released:

“Due to high demand and the need for further testing by increasing player population on our servers, we felt the easiest way to accommodate this is by removing the restriction of having to have a beta key. This testing phase is also very important for us in the evolution of HEX and for our community. Together with Gameforge we’d also like to take the chance to thank all of the players who participated in closed beta. We really look forward to continue creating an even better gaming experience with all of our players.”

The public beta also adds an extensive tutorial (something VERY noticeably missing when I first accessed the game after backing HEX’s Kickstarter) and a vast array of UI improvements.

If you want to check out HEX, simply head on over to the official site, sign up, and get started!

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  1. Thought I’d give this game a try with it being in beta. Waste of time, honestly unless you’re willing to waste money on stuff that’d otherwise be free in pretty much every other mmotcg don’t even bother touching it. There’s no rewards for pvp or pve, meaning there’s no way to gain money or exp (Don’t even know if it has exp) except for one thing. Tournaments, doesn’t sound bad does it? Do some tournaments and if you’re good you could win some cards. One major issue though, it costs you around £5 (Dunno how many $) to enter each tournament and unless you win at-least 1 match you get NO rewards. This basically means they’re earning £20 per tournament, and there’s always usually something like 10 tournaments going off per hour. Going off this they’re earning £200 and hour for nothing.

    Oh and this is for the 8 player tournaments, they also do 128 player tournaments. No rewards for if you don’t win 1 battle. 20*64 is 1280, there’s 1 every 2 hours. That’s £1280 every 2 hours for nothing. Seriously, it’s fked up. Normally MMOTCG are Pay to accelerator spend maybe £5~£10 per month to get a few extra new cards. Even more if you’re willing. But never pay to play. Even the worst mmotcg out there at-least have some free content that you can farm to get the same effects of pay to play.

    Saying all this though, it is in beta, so it might change. (Beta is no excuse though, infinity wars beta and hearthstone were no where near this bad.)

  2. tried this out… clunky interface, bad tutorial, slow slow gameplay (click 10 times to go to next turn, then click 10 times again, errr ok?) it was pretty confusing since the tutorial did a terrible job of explaining the mechanics. and it’s buggy, the tutorial said i won when the computer had 2 hp left. i couldn’t take it and quit.

    • True. the game is garbage. and constant flashing on the board is so irritating. it is a toatl fail and the amount of meonye they want people to spend on it is ridiculous.

  3. If you like scam games then this is the game for you. incredibly expensive game. You can spend thousands of buck and still not have all the cards. or you could just buy Spectromancer for 20 bucks and have all the cards in the game. Also Spectromancer was made by a MTG developer but it is not a MTG copy ( it is acctualy much better )

  4. This is great news. I did the closed beta for a while, but the game needed a lot of work and it kinda was put on the backburner for me. I will definitely give this a go again….. great game and great developers!

      • It is almost 100% a Magic ripoff, so honestly they should. I played through the tutorial and a couple of matches, and it functions exactly the same as Magic.

        • No, it doesn’t function “exactly” the same. There are key differences in how resources are handled. Either way I couldn’t care less about the supposed similarities.

          WOTC is putting out poorly made and broken MTG games every year. They are too lazy to put the effort and funding into making a halfway decent game with their IP so they choose to attack their competition instead by litigating. I wouldn’t be surprised if they started targeting other, more vulnerable indie TCGs that have even less in common if they manage to win this suit. Hex is at least showing signs of effort being put into it. I’d rather have a superior-developed clone than these turds

        • The cards stats are similar to Magic and there are different resources similar to Magic but the game is still entirely different.
          So, no it’s definitely not just a magic clone. And taking good elements from a good card game is not a bad thing.

          The actual let-down is that the PvE isn’t available right now, because that’s what people have been looking forward to the most with this game.


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