Today, Hi-Rez Studios announced the creation of Prophecy Games, an independent game studio focused on creating free-to-play top-down strategy games. The new studio, which will be overseen by Erez Goren in the role of CEO, Chairman, and majority owner, doesn’t fall under the Hi-Rez umbrella-like Titan Forge, Evil Mojo, or Red Beard Games. Rather, it’s the fourth independent company in Atlanta, Georgia founded by individuals with a history at Hi-Rez. This includes Skillshot media, which recently spun off independently of Hi-Rez Studios.

Much like Skillshot, Prophecy Games was founded as a subsidiary of Hi-Rez and have been working on their first game for over a year. Currently, it employees a little under 20 employees and will operate independently of the larger studio. Hi-Rez does still own some shares in the company.

Prophecy Games‘ first title has not been officially announced, however, we do know it will be focused on top-down strategy games, something different from normal Hi-Rez fare. In fact, it was the difference between the games that will be created at Prophecy and those already in Hi-Rez’s library that inspired the breakaway, as it should allow for both companies to focus specifically on their core genres and audiences.

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