Hi-Rez Games announced the new Battlegrounds mode for its free-to-play shooter Paladins during the annual Hi-Rez Expo earlier this month. Since that time, Paladins players have had a few questions about the incoming mode. So, the Paladins team decided to answer some of the more pertinent ones: such as what it’s all about, what consoles it will be on, and how it differs from survival modes in other games. Some of these questions were already addressed with the original announcement, but it is nice for it to all be available in one place for those who may may just be finding out about it.

In a general overview of the mode, it supports up to 100 players per match. Those players are split into teams consisting of 2-4 players. The concept is pretty standard: fight to outlast all the other teams, don’t get caught up in the shrinking map — which starts out at a size of 4.5 KM square and contains 50 towns and villages. And yes, the mode will be available on console as well as PC.

So the big question is what makes Paladins: Battlegrounds different from the survival modes offered in other games? Probably one of the most notable differences is that the weapons created for Paladins make combat in its battlegrounds mode a much more up-close experience than in other games. This apparently makes the mode less about trying to avoid each other for as long as possible than getting in there and getting your fight on. Players are allowed to summon mounts. And, when their health is completely depleted they’re not just evicted from the map. Instead, they turn into a chicken and must find a teammate to resurrect them.

To get a better idea of how the mode works, you can watch the video below. And, of course, if you’d like to read the full Paladins: Battlegrounds FAQ, it’s available on the game’s site.

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