Whether you’re ready for it or not, it seems a Battle Pass is on the way for Realm Royale. Hi-Rez teased the upcoming option on the game’s Twitter account today.

Since the game is still in testing stages, not everyone seems pleased with the idea of a Battle Pass already. But that’s okay because others seem pretty hyped. That said… Maybe they should all wait until the Battle Pass is fully revealed before getting too upset or excited.

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  1. Absolutely terrible, I don’t understand how Hi-Rez is not ashamed to jump on every single flavor of the year bandwagon. Horrible studio who just copies other games.

    • This is so true, after playing Smite for a long time and played realm royale it is so obvious that this company has no other thing on their mind but money, they completely rip off games and make it f2p where they upload skins (mostly limited and chest exclusive) every update… They once removed stat changes from their patch livestream so they could showcase skins only… This company is disgusting and should be sued to the ground imo.

      Sorry for the bad grammar.

  2. Isn’t this game in pre-Alpha? *sigh* Remember the days when publishers would wait until at least open beta to sell useless crap to their customers?

    • sadly…

      most games these days tends to just include Cash Shop in Alpha/Closed Beta regardless.

      Some games doesn’t even bother “releasing” their game and kept it as Beta even after years… but still continue to update Cash Shop.

      Battle Pass is pretty much Battle Royal’s version of “VIP” “Freeminum” that MMORPG have for cash grab. (not to mention “Founders Pack”)

      It’s not so different here, companies bandwagon onto the BR train for quick cash grab.

      The Gaming genre is pretty much dead for F2P non-P2W players. It’s either Cash or don’t play for pretty much every single MMORPG, PvE. And if you don’t want P2W, you have to go into PvP…

      In fact, take a look at Fortnite itself, their PvE is actually P2W where you can buy to unlock stronger characters. While they release a non-P2W version as BR PvP.

      ___ ___ ___

      Realm Royal is pretty much the same, Hi-Rez’s CEO actually mentioned about a year ago that their company doesn’t do “Unique” anymore, all games are “copies” now.

      Just look at Paladins, it used to have PvE in it, yea, it used to be called MOBAFPS before Overwatch entered and it got changed to Hero Shooters. But apparently Paladin’s higher-ups played OW and liked it, so they decide to remove Paladin’s PvE aspect and turn it into a OW clone…

      Realm Royal is pretty much another BR clone, in fact they recently just removed one of the feature that classified the entire game… Crafting Class Weapons. The game is advertised as Class BR, but they decide to just turn that Class into RNG…

      Realm Royal used to have more than 80,000+ viewers on Twitch when Summit1G and Lirik liked the game and was playing it, until Hi-Rez decide to make stupid changes and they stopped playing and it dropped to below 10,000 viewers at ALL TIME… sad… (O, and did I mention Paladins is nowhere to be seen? lol….)


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