Hit The Jersey Shore In Fallout 76’s Latest Expedition

Explore the city that was a “low priority target” during the Great War.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Fallout 76 Atlantic City

Today, Fallout 76 dropped a new Expedition, Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise. This update takes players to Las Vegas on the East Coast. Apparently, the city was a “low priority target” during the Great War, so it’s more intact than a lot of other places and still able to be an entertainment destination.

That said, this is still the world of Fallout, so there are factions to be dealt with and dangers to encounter in the survival game. In the case of today’s update, players will need to deal with Atlantic City’s mafia, The Family, as well as the guild responsible for all the entertainment, known as The Showmen. As you might expect, both are a bit questionable.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Fallout without some sort of wild place filled with mutated creatures. Just past New Jersey Pine Barrens is the Overgrown – a place filled with plant-like creatures. This post-apocalyptic form of wildlife is making its way to the borders of Atlantic City, so things are about to get less fun… or more… depending on your version of fun.

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