Introducing the Yuton race, Snails Game’s second race in their new steampunk MMO Black Gold Online. Visually the new race appears to inhabit a Hobbit-like town filled with wizard-elf-people. But looks deceive my dear, as we’ll take a deeper look into the new race of Black Gold Online.

The Yutonians are as old as rocks; they were the first inhabitants of Erlandir and had the privilege of being created by the Goddess of Light herself. They are a stark contrast to the Buvonts, their gritty steampunk counterparts. The Yuton race has a sleek, clean, bright human appearance. As they inhabit forested and mountainous areas, they are light on their foot, and sport leather armor.

They bore witness to the introduction of steam by Hoca and saw it as their ticket to escape Kosh’s rule over them. Those who choose the steam became the Buvonts and those who rejected the steam relocated to the mountains borders.

If you’re into reading copious amounts of lore heavy text (complete with body measurements) you can check out the Yuton’s official page here.

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    • The loot system sounds pretty bad, what with throwing lock boxes in your face every hour, but the fact that they let you open two a day for free is pretty cool. That’s not something you see in most games. They usually keep the keys in the cash shop. The free unlockings, combined with the fact that they’re tradable, means you’ll be able to make decent enough money from high-tier vials, or open them yourself for some free items. I’m still a bit iffy on the whole thing, but it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be all that bad. So long as they keep the experience rate at a decent scale, so you’re not forced to buy exp boosters to reach level cap, it might actually be pretty fun.

      • “Thatā€™s not something you see in most games. ”

        What, the limited loot per day or the fact that it demands money if you want all your loot? Yeah, you don’t see either in any other F2P mmo or..well, any mmo really, to my knowledge. Correct me if I’m wrong though. You don’t have to rationalize it bud. I know you’re trying to keep a positive outlook and hope for the best but..the fact is snail games is crazy and they really sound like they’re setting themselves up for failure in a western market.

        • Guys, from what i know, you do not have limited loot. The vials are bonus loot for your activity in that hour. So you are not locked from anything, you just get more bonus loot if you pay. And since when we all are gonna use our 2 free unlocks on the 2 vials with the best quality, we are gonna be receiving the best part of the bonus.
          From what info is out there, game sounds ok.
          That unless of course they have some other surprise planned to kill your fun if you don’t pay.

  1. I’m hoping to see a first look and play actions into game soon on here .Thks for looking into it for now and giving some inside to the game as well .


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