Beeboom Games announced today that Hunter Blade had officially launched into open beta. No character wipes were performed but instead we saw an update bring a few new features to the game and the opening of a new server called “IceDragon”.

Among the new features were a free weapon system which allowed players to freely swap between different weapon types during a battle, higher difficulty instances, larger scale PvP battles, bonuses for doing quests with clan members, and new pets and mounts.

We got a chance to check out Hunter Blade and give our first impressions of it. You can check out the official Hunter Blade site here for more information.

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  1. To mad demon64 I was hardcore into Mh when it came out for the playstation 2. I remember slayin lao shun and fata or taking out yian kut kut with bdl’s lol thats was funny. But I was super disapointed that capcom would not realese another monster hunter on a consloe in america untill it came out for thee wii unfortunately i couldnt stand the controller it came with thus killing that for me. not only that but in japan there are numerous mh games for the xbox 360 as well as the ps3. So as a monster hunter fan i am happy some one finally said hey capcom gj at failing hows the psp working for ya just my opnion please dopnt hink im attacking you just one mh fan to another

    • Well, i consider myself a huge fan of the monster hunter series, and everytime i see people taling about it i get happy cuz not many people plays it in this side of the world, and because of that Capcom decided not to bring it here as a huge mass like in Japan (thats probably because they didnt advertised it). As a monster hunter fan i search for games that has a similar gameplay (raiderz for example), and when i found about hunter blade, i almost cried when i knew i could play MH online (even thought it was a bad copy, but i apreciate the effort of the people who made it). Though i started crying when i saw that monster hunter was shuting down the same day i discovered it.

  2. Boring as hell as i said before the gameplay is full , usless grafics , delay as hell … Not even worth what im writing , i lost my time in that game , you hiti the wind and counts as a hit , instead of hiting the flesh , like i said , its a bad copy of mh3

  3. I just tried this game and it is bad. It is as slow as molasses in January. The game play is boring. I am sorry, but I cannot find a darn thing interesting in this game. I think the majority of people will just close it after an hour and not go back. I know I won’t. If someone is offended by what I say, I am sorry, but it is my honest opinion. There are so many bad games that came out in the past 2 years, it is not even funny anymore.

  4. You will never see me play this game. As a Monster Hunter fan, I am opposed to games like this, as I realize this for what it is: plagiarism at its worst. If you have any self respect, please do not play this game. Play something that isn’t a shameless IP rip-off. Play RaiderZ. Play Phantasy Star Online 2. Play anything instead of this (except Final Combat, as that is a TF2 rip-off).

  5. Hi all. i didnĀ“t play yet, looks good the game, but looks a copy of monster hunter, just seen the weapon trailer, in fact there are less weapons, i dont know , originality zero I guess.

    DonĀ“n like copies at all, i think videogames are made to be unique, and after 1000 hours playing monster hunter, i donĀ“t feel like come back to the same, ( boring).

  6. So uhh…if Open Beta is available, why the hell was there a Closed Beta key giveaway the day before? Trolling us Beeboom Games?


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