Hyper Scape‘s next limited-time mode will be called “Turbo” and have an appropriate emphasis on speed — as if the game wasn’t fast-moving enough in the first place.

Everything is bigger and faster in the new mode, which arrives on Sept. 15. All gear will be max level, health regenerates faster, zones close faster, and Crown victories come more quickly. It should make for quicker, tighter matches, where everything is more deadly and players get eliminated more quickly. Just keep your head down, because you know someone’s going to be out there with a max-level sniper rifle, waiting to one-shot you.

The Turbo trailer wasn’t the only video Ubisoft showed off on its UbiForward stream today. The developer also showed off a “Streamers React Trailer,” showing off, well, the reactions of various streamers for the great plays they made. Ubisoft has been pouring a lot of resources into the Twitch presence for Hyper Scape, and while the results have been less than spectacular — as of right now, the game has just over 1,000 viewers — you have to give the company credit for trying something new. Even if it doesn’t work out for Hyper Scape, I wouldn’t mind seeing its Twitch integration and rewards structure applied to other games.

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  1. HI there jason, sorry to bother off-topic here, but i was looking for a game that you guys reviewed a few years back but i can’t remember the name. i wanted to see how that game is doing but i need help getting the its name. the game was a top down action combat moba style with mmorpg elements, where you kept your weapons and you could fight for territories. does anyone at mmobomb have any clue what game im talking about? thank you in advance.


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