If you live in Europe or Turkey and have been waiting to get your hands on GNISoft’s free-to-play online action shooter Metal Assault, we have good news for you.

The publisher announced today that they have signed a publishing agreement with the Korean developer to bring the game to Europe. When the game launches, players can expect plenty of content; including maps, a variety of gameplay modes, PvE and PvP content, and more.

Beta signups are slated to be available on the IDC/Games site soon.

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  1. dubdi on March 26, 2016

    yeah thats awesome.they silently shut this game down and now reopening it thats cool 😀

  2. Nemin on February 25, 2016

    Wooow, I feel so nostalgic! I was really upset when this game got silently shut down, and now the relaunch it?! Hallelujah

  3. Mightyduck on February 18, 2016

    this game was awesome. downside was it was invested with hackers pretty much from the getgo. do really hope they tackle this problem with its new relaunch would happly play it agian.

  4. Huemai on February 18, 2016

    so turkey gets their own server? that would be great, because turkey ruins small games like this so often.

  5. Riepah on February 18, 2016

    I thought this game died for good back then, but I loved the hell out of it. I’m glad it’s coming back and I’ll give it another try when it’s out.

  6. commanderhavoc on February 18, 2016

    Heh, I remember playing this a fair bit when it was published by Aeria Games, it was quite fun with its Metal Slug style.

  7. Zakena on February 18, 2016

    @magic man

    why haven’t u covered the story about Dragon nest Europe!Players lost 2 years of data You would expect to read that on MMO BOMB
    i am itching to read about the Error from Shanda!

  8. Sdfg956 on February 18, 2016

    Will you cover warpportal’s Global Metal assault launch?

  9. rickshaw on February 17, 2016

    To the game.. I think the first shot needs higher shorts..The ones in the that one just don’t cut it. lol
    the game looks ok to play for a side scroller jump fest.

  10. Pipi on February 17, 2016

    This is maybe off topic but you guys are releasing your news way to fast. It’s like 6 days a week there a no news at all and then *boom* the whole front page is full with new news. I would rather have 1 – 2 news a day than this. Can’t keep ut reading and commenting on all at once 😛

    • Magicman on February 17, 2016

      We average 4-6 news posts every day, even on slower days. Today was a bit busier than usual due to 3 Jagex articles coming off of embargo at the same time, but generally we’ve been at the same news pace for quite some time now.

      • Bainks on February 17, 2016

        hey the game is also coming to https://www.warpportal.com/ just a headsup its NA or global not really sure.

      • sarido on February 17, 2016

        Seems to be a bug with the Front page, Sometimes doesnt update and just show old articles.

        • Magicman on February 17, 2016

          Yeah, I’ve noticed that too, seems to be a cache issue. We’re looking into it, thank you for saying that…I thought I was just crazy sometimes!

          • sarido on February 19, 2016

            Np, keep up the good work love the site.

    • rickshaw on February 17, 2016

      I call in everyday & I disagree with your lash comments, I think Christmas you’d expect such a long wave or absence, but NO this site has been pretty consistent and announces with good timing ease of flow for their NEWS!
      Considering all the time & effort it takes to create game reviews, edit & release their own movies with great commentary, as well as get out & about, running around all day n night 24/7 trying to get it so you read it with difference.
      So I say well done everyone here, Hats Off!
      Fantastic work!

      • Magicman on February 17, 2016

        We all thank you for the compliment! 🙂