The Repopulation 11

The Repopulation has been put through the wringer. The free-to-play sandbox MMO has had its changed engines and had its code rewritten and been involved in some nasty mudslinging.

But now, things are proceeding — slowly, perhaps, but they are proceeding — and content lead “TR-Odwerki” has posted a lengthy explanation on the forums about that progress.

Odwerki’s update does lean toward the technical side of things a bit, as he talks about the tens of thousands of files that needed to be cleaned up after the cache was built, as well as disabling custom scripts and reverting back to Hero Engine’s default revisioning system. He also updates the state of the game on Steam, which seems relatively easy to manage by comparison.

Then it’s on to some semi-bad news. Odwerki says that, due to Idea Fabrik not receiving the money raised from crowdfunding or early access, no refunds could be offered for players dissatisfied with The Repopulation’s progress. On the bright side, the devs do plan on some perks and additional compensation for The Repopulation’s most loyal backers.

Finally, Odwerki fills players in on the state of the game’s visuals, including the recently finished geo features and upcoming updates to the game’s flora, fauna, and buildings. You can check out everything The Repopulation has in store in Odwerki’s forum post.

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    • Yeah, I don’t bother with EA/Founder anymore. Just isn’t worth it. Majority of the time, the game will either not be fully-completed, buggy messes that feel like they were made by school children or simply abandoned (like Everquest Next), or just end up floundering about, slowly dying with populations that are laughable where it’s basically only kept alive by a few hardcore whales with more money than sense (like so many other games).
      Online games have lost it, man. They’ve really become quite bad over the years. Now by “online” I typically mean MMORPGs. Dedicated ones. Not single-player games with online capabilities. They just tend to have dumb mechanics such as lockboxes, microtransactions and such. That’s to be expected, really. But MMORPGs, it’s like pissing against the wind.

  1. Yet another game that will die out very quickly. The amount of pissing around they’ve done and now people can’t get refunds? What a joke.


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