Indie MMO TitanReach's "Funds Have Dried Up"

Follows unsuccessful fundraising efforts

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

TitanReach village

I've heard of indie MMO TitanReach, but I think I always conflated it with the far-better-known Titanfall. Maybe that was Square Root Studios' first mistake, or maybe it was its cunning plan all along, to try and make gamers think one was like the other. Whatever the case, it didn't work and still isn't working, and the developer might not get another chance.

As MassivelyOP has noted, a message on the game's Discord server has informed players that "TitanReach Development has been paused as our funds have dried up." Even if you're not a fan of the game, it still might seem unfortunate that a plucky underdog company couldn't get its vision off the ground ... except MOP has the receipts from TitanReach's turbulent year-long history, which include:

  • A failed Kickstarter
  • A promised Indiegogo that never materialized
  • Word of a pending shutdown in early 2021
  • A "credit storefront"
  • A message that some employees work "unpaid out of passion"
  • A $70 price tag in the spring before going free-to-play in alpha

So maybe this is one that just wasn't meant to be. And now it probably won't. Oh, and if you did shell out for the game, don't expect a refund, as "The money has been spent," which seems about par for the course for this one.

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Discussion (1)

Flintstone 2 years ago
Basics are they are leeches, leeching off a system that was supposedly put in place to help devs get on with it. Its not that way at all. Look at the mess that really put a dent in the worlds kickstarter program or early access took a dive because of this game..STAR CITIZEN.
"THE" worst company in the entire game development business who blatantly keep wanting hand outs and payments to their accounts, its SAD. so the landslide came..
when you see one beggar more come. The brain of the human for easy cash and no law to stop them
SAD that these sort of companies think its all easy money. Which it is because there are too many mugs out there now, its insane, and no law to them equals capitalism and that's there excuse. there are just too many people too willing to press money button at a thought.
The great shame here is they hurt a very good platform Gaming.
Instead of JOY they turn it into a cess pool..

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