If you live in the EU and signed up for Infernum’s upcoming cooperative zombie robot FPS Hazard Ops, then you might want to check your email. Starting today, Infernum has begun letting in a select number of outside mercenaries in order to help them dispatch all those closed beta bugs by burning down monster pharaoh zombies and reporting back any abnormalities, with the game that is. Mutant explosive dogs, armored zombies and traps which will turn your fresh meat into a fine pink paste all come with the job, no reports on those neccesary.

The first set of closed beta testing will focus exclusively on the cooperative PvE within Hazard Ops which is surprising given many Free-to-Play devs opt to implement PvP first. In order for players to get a better picture as to just what kinds of shenanigans they might expect along their supernatural mercenary journey, Infernum has whipped up the cliche ridden trailer above showcasing 28 ways you could possibly die in Hazard Ops, between you and me I don’t think the last one really counts. also watching someone die 28 times and hearing the same death sound can get a bit annoying.

Here in the West Hazard Ops is known as Zombies Monsters and Robots and is being published by EnMasse, it began its closed beta yesterday. Players still interested in signing up for a shot at the Hazard Ops closed beta can do so here while those in the NA can sign up for ZMR here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. looks like the improved version of MARS Online. Yet MARS is TPS. I wish they can develop it in a way that no player would have whimper.

  2. Speaking of crap FPS games. Remember SPunk and Omers favorite fps back in the day? Well it got yet ANOTHER name change. lol this industry is so greedy and corrupt. People. Stop signing up. You are supporting stupid. And that is pure fact. Not opinion.

    “Russian MMO publisher NIKITA ONLINE launched the Open Beta Test for Run and Fire, the Russian version of the FPS Peta City, also known as Phyrok in Europe.

    Run and Fire is a free-to-play FPS and basically a slightly modified version of the game Another Day (also known as Repulse and Genesis A.D.).”

  3. Well have fun i guess. The Staff for this game are corrupt. I’m a GM for the Russia version title Blackfire, and me and my friends were helping get the word out on their version hazard ops, but got threaten by their team, so we said the hell with it. they weren’t even promoting the game , not to mention answering questions to the community.

    Great game under different regions and our version, but hazard ops horrible team . But we are glad its out because people from EU areas / + Asia should be able to play it.


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