Infinity Wars: Reborn — an online CCG with fully-animated cards currently in beta — has recieved a major content update in preparation for its Q4 2016 launch. The update expands the single-player campaign and adds new cards and a new PvP mode.

The new Fixed Deck Arena mode introduces a set of competitive decks as the Designer Deck Bundle DLC. These six decks are designed by one of the top ranking competitive players in the game’s community, but are perfect for beginners.

Infinity Wars: Reborn can be played now via Steam.

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  1. if some game developer company one day will create poop simulator and ppl will enjoy it i’m sure. will other companies copy and make something same?

    ENOUGH STUPID CARD GAMES!!!!!!! MAKE NEW SANDBOX NON-ANIME MMORPG!!!!!! – with truly open world, 2 rival factions, atleast 5 races, and open world pvp.

  2. Nothing changed for the better to be honest. The game is still a pay to win card game with incredibly ugly interface and a lot of other problems. It was a dead game and will stay a dead game you can be sure about that.
    But hay if you want to play another tupical pay to win scam card game that plays like sh.. and look like that also then go ahead.

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have played this game for a decent amount of time (162 hours according to steam) at one point and it definitely wasn’t pay to win. You’d get lots of free cards for free; some by logging in, some by doing missions, every time you leveled up you’d get a card pack if I remember right. Getting money from matches to get more packs wasn’t that hard either.
      It didn’t take me long before I was able to make good amount of viable decks (I had around 10) without spending real money and win in PvP.
      There’s also no problem with interface.

      • As with most F2P TCG/CCG games, you can assemble a competitive deck after sinking large amounts of time or money. Both options are a shit deal because that time and money can be spent on better games that don’t require a huge investment up front.

        • Please tell me this: How do you play trading card games in real for free? Other than generous donations from friends and the community at large. Actually, let me stop you there: You can’t. But you can play almost any digital card game for free and earn complete collections.

          Also, let me tell you this: All card games are inherently P2W, but only in the sense that a player who pays will have access to more cards, however, that doesn’t always mean they win, and it doesn’t always mean they have a true advantage due to RNG and other good stuff like that. 😀

          Anyways, you scrubs need to quit your whining and bitching and take some growacet. You’re broke, you’re entitled, and most of all, you’re a bunch of idiots. 😉

          Have a wonderful day! 😛


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