gPotato announced that Iris Online’s content update, Tears of Arcana is now live! Tears of Arcana brings many additions including a forging system, an accessory upgrading system, new elite monsters, and an increased level cap to 65!

  • Wood Garden Hard Mode – Radon’s thirst for vengeance broke through his imprisonment and corrupted the Wood Garden. You can now obtain epics and uniques from this dungeon, but don’t expect it to be as easy as before!
  • Level Cap Increased to 65 – With new challenges comes new growth. Ready your weapons and sharpen your skills to defeat the new threats that have risen.
  • New Elite Monster Zone – The clans of defeated World Bosses have come forward to take revenge! Though not as powerful as their leaders, these new elite monsters have an increased chance of dropping higher level equipment than normal monsters.
  • Accessory Imprinting – You will now be able to customize your character further with Accessory Imprinting! Strengthen your power and show your might by adding stats to your accessories.
  • Item Forging – Upgrade your weapon, mounts, and armor! Take your unused items and forge them into epics!
  • Armor Exchange – A new NPC has arrived in Terminus, giving you the chance to temper your equipment once for FREE!

Stay tuned for more information on the update by visiting the Official Iris Website.


  1. Love the graphic of this game but it to grindy I would go back to game but it just to much …. Boring grind they need more quests or better exp rate

  2. Iris Online could be a great game if it wasn’t so grindy after level 25. Normally i don’t mind a little grinding, but it’s just too slow and boring in Iris. Too bad, because the graphics looks really nice.


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