It Has Been A Long Time Since We Heard From The Division: Heartland, That's Because It's Been Cancelled

The F2P game is being scrapped so the company can focus on "fewer, bigger games."

Michael Byrne
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The Division Heartland Closed Beta June 2023

The Division: Heartland has had a bit of an interesting history. Fans of Ubisoft's Division series were interested in a F2P shooter taking place in the IP's universe. However, after it was revealed, getting news on the title has been like pulling teeth. Believe me, we've tried getting statements on the title's development and just couldn't seem to do so.

Announced back in 2021, the F2P shooter was supposed to release later that year or in early 2022. Obviously that didn't happen and the game had an accidental website made public in late 2022. That error was quickly fixed and we were told we'd hear word on the title at an upcoming Weekend Showcase.

Last June we saw a PC closed beta...but then we saw yet another delay.

Just a few weeks ago, some outlets were speculating that the project had wildly changed direction, but was, in fact, still a thing.

Now, it is no more as in Ubisoft's Earnings Report the game was officially announced as part of the company's cancellation of titles to focus on fewer, bigger games. Those games being the upcoming XDefiant and other Rainbow Six properties.

"After careful consideration, we have made the tough call to halt development on Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland, effective immediately. Our priority now is to support the talented team members at our Red Storm Entertainment studio, who will be transitioning to new projects within our company, including XDefiant and Rainbow Six," cites the report.

Now I guess we just wait for The Division 3 as it seems like Ubisoft will narrow their focus to adventure games and games-as-a-service.

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arcticpandapopz 3 days ago
This sucks, I was looking forward playing this. 2024 is a really crap year for gaming news.


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