It's Bots vs Bots In The Latest Anti-Cheat System Unveiled By Irdeto, "Denuvo Unbotify"

Unleashing AI to take out bot cheaters.

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Cheaters and bot users are the banes of online gaming, decreasing the fun for players and hurting profits for game developers. Digital platform cybersecurity company Irdeto has come up with another solution for dealing with bots... by unleashing AI on them.

The new bot detection system is known as Denuvo Unbotify, and it claims to do what it says on the tin, track down players using bots with 99.8% accuracy by monitoring "all the interactions with the game through many elements, like the number of clicks, how fast the clicks happen and where they are taking place on the screen, the angle of the touch and if the phone is moving at all."

According to the company's press release, free-to-play PC games are worth an estimated $22.7 billion, and Denuvo Unbotify looks to protect those numbers by tracking down bot users who use AI to circumvent a game's mechanics. Unbotify claims to have discovered that 5 to 15% of players use bots to gain an advantage, with 50% of players saying they have used bots at some point and time.

“The use of bots ruins the experience for legitimate players, but more importantly it also ruins the business model of publishers,” said Steeve Huin, Chief Operating Officer of Video Games at Irdeto. “Denuvo Unbotify offers a pioneering approach to bot detection, using an AI to analyze behavioral biometrics and catch bots with maximum accuracy. It is a cool addition to our award-winning portfolio of gaming cybersecurity solutions and one that I am sure our clients will find tremendously beneficial”.

Unbotify can be applied to mobile games, consoles, PC, and Web in free-to-play and premium games.

Maybe the world of gaming will be a little more fun for a while... until the system is inevitably cracked and ways around it are found. The growth rate of cheats always seems to far surpass that of anti-cheat technology.

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