It's "Human Week" For Killer Klowns From Outer Space And DAMN Do They Look Delightfully 80s

This won't be the ONLY "Human Week" though so expect more character info soon.

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We've moved on from "Lackeys Week" last month and now it's time to look at the "Humans" of Killer Klowns from Outer Space The Game. It's easy to think this initial "Human Week" is all about character customization, as some of it is, but that isn't all you'll need to decide when you hop into the asymmetrical game when it launches. Strategy is also key.

In their latest blog post, Good Shepherd Entertainment dives into the human side of things in the first Human Week, and yes, you can expect additional Human Weeks later.

Customization is going to be a big thing for players trying to escape the clutches of those Klowns and damn did the team nail some of these initial options. When playing a human, you already have a difficult choice to make in which class you'll play, but now that 80s fashion is wildly on display (as it should be) there's quite a few other difficult decisions you'll have to nail down before jumping into a match.

Taking inspiration not only from the actual movie the game is inspired by, but also the likes of other 80s iconic movies like Poltergeist, Friday the 13th, Monster Squad, Return of the Living Dead, Evil Dead, Creative Leads Randy Greenback and LD and their team are just NAILING the look here. Whether its the fine feathered or permed hair, the explosion of colors that was 80s clothing, or the fine combo of all things denim, the models look great. Even nods to the mistress herself, Elvira, and the movie Heathers make cameos.

You'll have tough calls to make during creation.

But where's the strategy part come in? Glad you asked. Humans have multiple options when in a match. They could just run, of course, but they also may take the riskier path to the Klowns' spaceship to attempt to steal the power core, or they can hide a bit and maybe just try to save some NPCs or teammates when needed. The post breaks it all down for you.

We really just have one damn question (besides when we can try the game, of course) and that's "why are all the microwave doors open? Hmm...


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