How is Wargaming following up on its big Update 1.0 for World of Tanks? With Update 1.0.1, of course! It goes live tomorrow, May 3, bringing a new line of tanks to the game, along with a redesigned Province map and a new event.

It’s Italy’s turn to get in the spotlight, with 11 new tanks, ranging from the nation’s early designs to post-WW2 medium and heavy tanks at the higher end of the tree. Italy’s higher-end tanks even have an option to “switch between single-shot and autoloader firing modes on the go.” But can they deliver pizzas? Going along with the Italian armor is a new version of the Province map, meant to represent the Italian countryside.

There’s a new four-week “Frontline to Glory” event that will task tankers at Tier VIII with rising through the ranks from Private to General, winning XP and in-game goodies along the way. The 30v30 matches take place on a huge nine-square-kilometer map, with respawns, combat reserves, and repair/resupply zones playing into teams’ strategies. The event is scheduled to start on May 8, though Wargaming acknowledges that it might be delayed.

Mid-tier French tanks also get a boost with this update, and there’s a big change as to how shells and consumables will be purchased. From now on, they’ll only be purchasable with in-game credits and not real-money currency, a.k.a. gold. For more on World of Tanks’ 1.0.1 update, check out the summary and patch notes here and an even longer summary here.

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  1. Brilliant. Now people can’t in good conscience call WoT “pay to win”, but players still have to deal with this beautiful mechanic that gently motivates them to invest real money (because otherwise they won’t have enough silver for that special unstoppable ammo). And by “gently” I mean through application of severe burning pain to their butts.

    This is so stupid… Can they really expect players to see this as a gesture of good will?

    • That was my initial thought as well, but in the blog post they mention that this is merely the first step to phasing out the P2W BS and rebalancing the game. It’s a sign that this old game is losing players and WG doesn’t want to be ganked by the other tank games. I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • Same here. They got very arrogant at one point and I’m not about to believe in sudden return of humility until I see some real evidence. Words alone aren’t enough anymore.


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