Ever since TimeGate filed for bankruptcy and dropped off of the map, little was to be known about the whereabouts of their aesthetically simple and corky TPS Minimum, which was in development at the time the business let go of their staff and shut their doors. However, it appears the independent studio known as Human Head is gearing up with Atari to get this game back into motion, as the new website for Minimum states it is on its way to early access.

After nothing was heard of whose hands this graphically “minimal” adventure was being put into, it was easy enough to throw in the towel and assume it was another data pile in the forgotten realm of broken F2P’s– but the revival is among us.

A few game modes are in the works, which include your usual deathmatch and rank PvP’s, as well as an objective-focused Titan mode, which pits teams of creep farmers against each other, pumping their titans full of power by collecting Titan Crystals, all the while taking down any enemies and stopping their efforts to counter your Titan. Although Titans are more susceptible to counter Titan attacks, they can still be damaged by most weapon sources, which sounds a lot like a shower of bullets waiting to happen. The end-game goal is to charge your titan across the map into the enemy territory, where it can then destroy their core.

Much can be debated as to whether or not the graphics can hold a modern interest. However, this particular concept must have something to offer considering its revival and involvement with Atari. Check in with the official website to see where this resurrected TPS is headed in the future.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. I’m sad and upset that for the closed beta It’s more like only people who invite a lot of other players to register get into the beta.

    • lots of betas have refer-a-friend programs. plenty that i’ve gotten into without referring anyone. so, don’t be such a negative nelly 🙂 turn that frown upside down

      • ya givin me tha vaypas!! internet trolls… heh. it is kind of funny that they seem to think their comments mean anything other than showing everyone who reads them what type of person they are. and you, sir, have apparently never had to deal with suicide. hopefully, you never do.

        anyhoo, seems like a cool game. looking forward to it.

  2. So basically aside from aesthetics it doesn’t offer much really new..based on the description here. All the game modes mentioned have already been done, even. Le sigh.

        • Bravely Default, Borderlands 1&2, Grim Dawn, all wonderful games, all games that have minor upgrades but stood by their roots for the most…. all of them are 10000 better than most “I am so pretty and new and shiny” games, it is about quality, not about originality.

          • So let’s redo the same game 20000 times with better graphics?
            No, if we keep it like this,gaming will become boring. If you make a new online game ,i will ask you what you bring new to the table and should make me switch from the game i am playing to the one you made?
            If they are pretty much the same game,well,i have been playing mine for a while now and i may have in-game friends or be in a guild/clan/whatever.

          • If it were up to tweens like you we would still be playing pong. Devs make easy games like this because it is easy to maintain and takes about a week to make. Borderlands 2 was ok at best, the rest of those games are crap. CSS, DOD, TF2 are better than any of those. Oh and btw it is about quality AND originality kiddo. Go back to minecraft.


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