In a heartfelt letter to fans, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard today announced that he would be leaving the company at the end of the year. His letter covers the high points of his tenure, such as a renewed commitment to open communication over the last five years, the banning of millions of bots, and recent updates to RuneScape, which he says “have all been driven by YOU!” — i.e., the RuneScape fans.

Gerhard doesn’t give any reason for his departure or what, if anything, he’ll be moving onto next or who will succeed him, but a CEO resigning after several years with a company is hardly unusual. RuneScape is still going strong, 13 years in, and Transformers Universe is in open beta, so the future still looks pretty bright for Jagex.

What kind of effect -if any- do you think this will have on Jagex?



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