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It was rumored four months ago that Jagex was in talks to be acquired by a Chinese mining company, and today those rumors were confirmed — mostly.

What we know is that Jagex has been acquired by a Chinese company. However, as Eurogamer reports, it’s not directly the Shangdong Hongda Mining Company but instead “investors are in the process of forming a games-specific Chinese company, which is being processed in the Chinese markets at the moment” and that the “new company will be a part of a group of companies that includes Shandong.” So, in essence, it has likely been purchased by the people in charge of Shangdong but not directly by Shangdong. We think.

No terms of the deal, which was originally said to be worth $300 million were announced, and Jagex’s Rod Cousens said that it would be “business as usual” going forward for Jagex’s games and employees. Of course, that’s what every company says when it’s acquired by an outside party; at least in this case, Jagex doesn’t seem to be struggling in any way we can perceive, so it might actually be true.


  1. Ok being a player of runescape im like what??!
    Since china love pay to win and also have a tendency to mess stuff up im worried..

    Hopefully however they will have the developers around to keep working on it.. it has become better and better hate to see it just bellyflop now.

  2. Hopefully this means runescape finally dies. Some old games need to die but some publishers just don’t know when it’s time to let the game die.

  3. Welp hope jagex is in for alot more gold farmers on their servers and I mean alot, because thats one of the things china is good at once they get access to a game.


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