The Sony Online Entertainment gaming convention or “SOE-Live” is underway and with it some key news about Planetside 2.

Fans were alerted ahead of time that SOE would be unveiling the release date for Planetside 2 and expanding upon the main areas the developers would be spending their time focused on up until release. Planetside 2’s developers have already been making sweeping updates to the MMOFPS and with promises of more updates and another continent before launch it appears crunch time is in order.

Prior to tonight’s announcement the developers mentioned that they will be moving ahead with continuing to focus on fixing the poor performance a large portion of users are currently experiencing.

Beta keys are becoming more available by the day it seems. Have you gotten in the Planetside 2 beta yet? Do you feel the November release date is too soon? Let us know in the comments!

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    First come first serve, or something like that. 😛 I had 2 leftover beta keys, I already gave away like 6. These are the only keys I have left.

  2. One thing I really don’t get is why the hell the infantry is wearing plastic while the tanks are built from diamond.

    If you get into anybodies scope as an infantry…even as heavy assault with heavy armor you will die in a matter of seconds.

    And at the same time it will take 5 rockets just to blow up an apc (armored personnel carrier).

    And at the same time people are wondering why the most popular form of play is tank spam…maybe because doing anything as infantry will just get you spent back to spawn in seconds.

    • Face desk…Yeah u say “HUURD UUR I DUN CAREZ ABOUT BUGS”
      And when u start playing u will get mad and just go spam “FIX ZE BUUUGZZ NERF ZEMM ALL”
      Please..Think before u talk.

  3. yeah, there is some visual glitches and yes…playing with 60 fps , than come 1 tank and my fps goes down to 5 ….:D bit hard to snipering when ur screen moveing like a slide projector.i hope they ill optimalizete well before the start.(10% vga usage 95% cpu)

  4. i already have a problem playing with people teleporting everywhere, people disapearing, tanks doing barrel rolls all over the place. nothings working. its painful to play this game.

  5. Im in beta the game is really fun but it needs some optimizations lots of lag ,Devs are working on the game full force just couple of 2 days there was 3 patches so yeah i think it will be ready November

  6. This is far from ready to be launched. Right now, they only have a few servers, and lots of latency issues (people teleporting, freezing, crashing, etc.) and the cert gain is far from finished. Anyone in the beta knows that it needs at least 2 more months to be ready for launch, and that is being generous. At many times, you are only getting 14 frames, and they don’t even have joystick support yet for the aircraft. Most of the weapons on all personas are not balanced, and some are nerfed to the point of being useless. If it was your standard 32/32 match, it would be fine, but when you have hundreds of people scrambling to take one location, there isn’t much you can do but spray, and pray that you or your target aren’t lagging.

    • I agree with this guy, the game is nowhere near ready to be launched yet. Considering their current track record I doubt they can iron out all the problems the beta has right now in just one month.

      • if the game like not 100% yet but by the time its going to be and they are doing good job on that game not like firefall -_- 3 year beta and other shit like that so i think they are doing good work with launching the game at nov 20th but every one thinks different thats why we all here in mmobomb right 🙂

  7. Cant wait:) but some people are saying that the game is not ready to be launched yet,but it seems the devs are working full force on this game so i think the game will be fine at launch


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