You have to admit, Daybreak Game Company President John Smedley does like to do things differently from time to time.

The fight against cheaters and hackers has been going on in H1Z1 since its early access launch, with DBC banning over 25,000 accounts earlier this week. Maybe you’re one of those cheaters and you’re sorry for your mistake. Maybe you’ve learned the error of your ways and want back into the game. Well, there is a way…

So there you go. If you’re sorry and you really mean it, make a video showing how sorry you are and point it out to Smed for him to distribute to the masses. In fact, a few players have already taken him up on his offer:

What do you think of this approach? And if you were one of the players who got banned, would you do this to get your account back?

UPDATE: Smedley’s offer extended until noon PDT today, and has such expired. He reports that five players got their accounts restored out of the 25,000 (originally reported as 30,000) banned.


  1. Hmh, that Smedley guy is good, in one pr0 move he boosted his, his games’ and company popularity, made the rest of them think twice before cheating, and advertised the game itself on youtube. Lol, he should get a pay rise, that one.

  2. Sorry guys I understand the anger and displeasure with hackers, but this is beta having hackers actually good it help you find the problems with the codes and fix them. Banning them only moves the problem too when the game is out. I did not get in too beta and do not wish to get in too it cause it seems the only way they know of dealing with problems are hiding them under reasons like “that guy done something i couldn’t see and now he deserves too be banned”. Plus this public humiliation is not such a good thing as many of you think. In my opinion here is the real reason (hype dying how too increase it so people would buy our useless founder packs again,o how about we use hackers make them apologize on you tube and advertise our game at the same time no cost and most shameless advertisement in all my years of working at any company)
    P.S sorry for my English never had a chance to learn it properly and now too old to do so:D

  3. Hindsight is a pain in the ass and does noone any good.

    If these guys had any form of intelligence, they would stay the hell off the hacks, period.

    These were adult people, so they should’ve known how much they’d affect the people they were playing against to begin with.

    I’m disappointed in Daybreak for letting these bottomfeeders back in.

  4. If they just made quality games that didn’t have so much broken code it wouldn’t be so easy for people to hack in a brand new game. looking at you smedley/sony

  5. You know, if they are like 15 years or younger…then maybe unban. But the two…individuals…shown in this article are grown adults who should have known better. Smed, if you are reading this, as a honest player for all of my 30 years of online gaming, I ask that you take a hard line on cheaters: “You cheat, your money is ours now and YOU GET NOTHING! Good day sirs!”

    • People caught cheating should stay banned, period.

      If they don’t learn their lesson by the age of 13-14-15 hell, any age below 18, they’ll never learn.

      Once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater.

      I’ve had 30+ years of gaming experience myself, and i’ve also managed a couple FPS community sites as well as servers as an admin, and trust me, it has been proven time and time again. These guys will just go back to cheating, trying out new and undetected hacks till they get busted again.

  6. Prety sure that even the slightest hint from anyone that saying sorry would maybe save the account would have made this happen, it happened around xmas in another game though it wasn’t requested(no vids but posts) can’t remember which game it was though.

    Hopefuly they show no mercy

  7. love this idea. Worked when we were kids, why not now? A small dose of humility mixed in with some public humiliation xP.


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